website design pricing

What is the FIRST IMPRESSION that you want to give a Potential Customer? Something that he wont find anywhere else and it STARTS with your Website. Along with your Social Media this is what Attracts Customers which leads to Sales!

Combine all three into one monthly Social Media, Website &  maintenance package

The more you Partner with InternetGuru4u the More Benefits your Business Gains. Custom Packages Available on Request.

bundle your website with our social media packages

Create a Professional Image for your Company by combining the efforts of a new Website and an upgraded Social Media Program. Your Business NEEDS Social Media and it's TIME you got started! It's a SKILL Business Owners need to have an Training is Included in all our Social Media Packages.

What website package is right for my business?

Have you always wanted to Sell your Products or Services Online? Do you just want to update your current website that looks old and dated. Well we've got a plan that will fit your Businesses needs, so where do you want to take your Business?

Web design pricing

A Web Design, a true Design promotes your Company as being Fresh, New and Innovative. Creating that image takes not just time but Skill and Expertise.

At InternetGuru4u our Goal is to bring out all that your Company has to offer in Phot'os, Videos and Content. Providing the Customer with the edge he needs to make a decision about your Business.