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why use a monthly maintenance package

Whether we create the sites or you have set them up for your Business being consistent is the most important part of Social Media. With Google changing its algorithm on a regular basis hiring a Social Media Company that focuses on the right strategy to help your Business move up on the Search Engines is key. We have proven Success and don't look at it as working for you but more like we're your partner.

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monthly maintenance packages

Many Business Owners don't have the time to update their sites and maintain the Consistency that is needed for the Search Engines. Remember if you aren't moving forward in your Placement others are moving past you.

Stop Procrastinating Social Media is not a fad so call us today and get your Business into the 21st Century of Social Media! 954.394.5289

except our social media pricing challenge

We are so CONFIDENT that we Challenge you to search for another Social Media Company that offers the amount of Social Media sites with included training. Price without Value has no benefit for your Business and we offer both. The Value of having the Knowledge and Experience to create Professional looking sites for your Business and the Price that wont put a dent in your Marketing Budget.

What social media package is right for my business?

Most small to medium sized Business determine their Social Media Presence based on their Marketing Budget. works with the client to determine what your Goals are and then together determine what package is best for your Business.

how do we determine Social Media pricing?

At we offer a Three-Tiered Pricing Structure based on the Services offered in each individual package.  Our Starter Package includes the 4 most popular Social Media sites, a Google based Blog, 2 QR Codes and is geared for a Company that wants to handle the basics of Social Media on their own. The Gold Package involves a little more attention to detail with additional sites like Pinterest, a second Blog, an additional Photo Site, an Internet Yellow Page site, 4 QR Codes and includes a Information Based YouTube Video. The Platinum Package includes a variety of additional Social Media sites, photo site, Internet Yellow Pages, Search Engine Profile, Yelp Listing, 6 QR Codes and a Press Release. This package is geared for a Company that wants their Business to have a Maximum Presence online. For more details of each package just consult the chart above.

Social Media Packages pricing

What's the LARGEST Growing segment on the Internet? Did you think that you didn't have the Marketing Budget to compete? Well at we make the world of Social Media affordable for EVERY Business and Training is included with all the packages.