Other common social media terms


An online Picture that is associated with your account. Businesses typically use a logo.


When you add location-based date to a photo, video, post or tweet to identify where the content was posted from.


A word or phrase preceded by a "#" commonly used to highlight a message for Twitter or Facebook.

Link Building

A type of Search Engine Optimization that incorporates links to their sites to increase Search Engine ranking.


The act of broadcasting very short messages such as on Twitter or Plurk where posts are limited to 140 Characters.

Organic Search

Listings on Search Engines result pages that appear because of there relevance search terms. (non paid)

Page Rank

Is an algorithm weighted score used by Google to Rank your website by measuring its relative importance to the search.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A type of online advertising where the advertiser pays the publisher when his ad is clicked a pay for performance model.

Real-Time Search

A method of indexing content being published online into Search Engines results with virtually no delay.

Smart Phones

A type of Mobile Phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity.


The technical term for a website address, example www.InternetGuru4u.com (Uniform Resource Locator)


A Blog that contains Videos instead of Text entries.


When a piece of content on the Internet is shared organically threw Social Media sites without encouragement.

QR Code

Is a two-dimensional bar code that can be used to direct customers via Smart Phones to Web or Social Media Sites.

"By adding QR Codes to our Print Advertising we've increased Likes to our Facebook Page."


The Timeline is a Facebook feature introduced that shows the users posted information, likes and comments.

"I don't like when Businesses post multiple articles on their Like Page it takes up a lot of my timeline space."

social Network

Social Media sites where people and Businesses interact i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.

"As a Business its very important to at least have a presence on all the top Social Networks especially Facebook."


A word, link or hashtag that attached to a photo, comment or post that lets Search Engines or friends know what your doing.

"If you know how to properly tag photos you can create 100's of pieces of information for the Search Engines."

search ENGINE marketing (SEM)

Increasing your Social Network and connections through relevant content or by purchasing various campaigns.

""After investing some of our advertising budget in Social Media Marketing we saw an increase on the website."

social media

A type of online communication created with various sites and profiles in order to share information.

""Our Social Media program really took off once we understood how to use the sites properly."

Social media optimization

Using your Social Media sites to produce relevant content for the Search Engines to find.

"InternetGuru4u.com is a Social Media Optimization Company that helps Companies with their placement on Search Engines."

IYP (internet yellow page)

Think of the Yellow Pages for the Internet. There are a wide variety of sites including free and pay sites.

"One of the best Internet Yellow Pages to use for Search Engine Placement is Merchant Circle."

news feed

Facebook's News Feed shows users Status Updates from their friends and Businesses they Like.

"If you post too many updates on your Business Page it will seem like Spam to me on my News Feed."


A Facebook Page is an account for a Business, Brand, Organization or Personality such as a Celebrity or Politician.

"Your Facebook Business Page should be geared only for Business and not have any personal information."


Audio Programs or Recordings that are syndicated online. They can be streamed or downloaded.

"A great way to learn about Social Media is to download some free Podcast's from Itunes."

search engine optimization (seo)

The process of making website content more visible to search engines by using keywords, images & video in content.

"SEO investment can be costly but can also increase traffic to your sites."


When a Facebook User clicks on the "LIKE" icon to follow a Page or to represent the approval of a posting.

"The Goal of a Business owner should be to get Likes based on quality and not purchase them for quantity."


A Friend is someone who is connected to another person on Facebook and should be on Personal Profiles.

"Most friends on Facebook are more like acquaintances or friends of friends."


On a Social Network its the interaction such as commenting, Liking, collaborating or sharing with fans and friends.

"A great way to tell if a Social Media Campaign is effective is by having a high level of engagement."


The Facebook Algorithm that decides which stories appear in a user's News Feed.

"The more my friends and likes on Facebook commented on my posts it improved my Edgerank."

Social Media Glossary

Do you just sometimes pretend to understand what's going on with Social Media? There are a lot of terms and acronyms and it is hard to keep up. Here's a few definitions so you can can keep your Business in the Game!


A set of instructions that is developed for software to perform specific functions.

"The Algorithm that Google uses for Page Ranking is Top Secret but its well know Social Media plays a big part."

App (application)

This is a program or add-on usually for Facebook or for a Mobile Device.

"Apps are a great way to promote your other Social Media

sites like Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter on your Facebook Page."


A remark or question from a visitor on your Social Media sites especially Facebook or your blog.

"At InternetGuru4u.com we encourage all our Social Media fans to leave comments on our pages."


Information that usually comes in text, video or image form posted for the Search Engines.

""The best way to increase your placement on Search Engines is to provide them with lots of content."


A website or platform where you can post regular entries about your business, opinions or anything you want to share.

"As a part of our monthly blog postings we like to give out Social Media tips."


ALive Presentation, Meeting or Training that is broadcast via the internet and can include participation .

"Our last Company Webinar provided me with a lot of pertinent information about our Social Media goals."


A post on Twitter also know as microblogging because it contains a maximum of 140 characters.

"I like to post hashtags on several of my tweets to help people find my interesting posts."