What's one of the "BEST WAYS" to talk to the Search Engines? By using Images, at InternetGuru4u we create Visual Marketing to help your Business stand out from your competitors. It's a great way to promote Events, New Products or just something to make your customers smile.

Google Ranks your Business on a variety of factors and knowing how to properly "tag" each photo helps with those rankings. We put 100's of pieces of Information about your Business for Google and other Search engines to find each month with our Monthly Maintenance  Programs just with Photo's and Images.

Social Media "the circular effect"

“I had met Kenneth as a guest speaker at a business conference several years back in Fort Lauderdale. I knew that in the future if I needed his expertise he was the Company to turn to. After doing extensive research including pricing, Social Media and SEO he stood out above the competition. My website far exceeded my expectations and his Social Media knowledge is priceless. Call him today and get started! 954-399-2060"

– Ross Miller, Owner - Reliable Business Brokers

make your business stand out

  • Your Competitors Use it So why Don't You?
  • Social Media is Not A Fad it's Been Six Years!
  • Are You Going to Wait All of 2013-14 Too?
  • Do You Even Have a Presence on YouTube?
  • The Longer You Wait the Further You Fall Behind!
  • Stop Procrastinating and MAKE THE CALL!

What We can do for your business

  • Create  a Customized Social Media Program
  • Train You on How to Maintain Them
  • Monthly Maintenance Packages
  • Reputation Management Programs
  • Teach Your Business the Skill of Social Media
  • Create an Amazing Business Website

We believe in 2 Very Important Philosophies at InternetGuru4u.com, First Social Media should be affordable to all Businesses no matter how big or small and Second, You should be able to understand how it works.

In what we call the" Circular Effect"  it's a simple as realizing if you tell your Customers where to go they will follow. By promoting your Website on Facebook Potential Customers will go there, by directing Potential Customers from your YouTube Videos back to Facebook that's how you gain Likes. Customers Want You  to provide them information on your Products and Services.

We don't make Guarantees but instead show you how to get results by Partnering with you in Gaining Placement on the Search Engines through the use of Social Media. Let us show you today how to make it work for your business.

Marketing your Business with images

"I hired InternetGuru4u.com over 3 years ago to set up my Social Media Program , Now I use one of their Monthly Maintenance Programs where they put well over a 1k pieces of information every month for the Search Engines to find. I trusted their expertise and it has paid off for my business. If you'd like give me a call 954.322.6275 and I will tell you how InternetGuru4u.com has helped my business!" 

– Lenny Rapp Owner of Masquerade Costumes, Hollywood Florida
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